We are a team of designers, developers and online marketing specialists in Tampa Florida
our aim is to provide you with a website and online professional tools to boost your business.

The Process

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Phone Call & Research

This is the first point of contact. Once we have received your inquiry, we will setup a phone call with you. We will gather as much information as possible about your website project and pass this along to our research team. They will conduct an additional investigation about websites you like, as well as on your competitors, to have a detailed framework to begin the construction of your new website.


Using the information collected during Step1, our team of designers, programmers and marketing specialists will begin constructing your new website. We will lay out the CMS foundation and design a site that is catered to your branding and aesthetics. Then we will install all the requested features, functionalities and tools to make it easy for you to manage your business online.

Presentation & Deployment

The site will be online on our development server using a temporary IP address. We will schedule a conference call with you and your team to present our work and walk you through the new website from A-Z, including the design, marketing, business features, online tools, front-end and back-end, as well as the online community system. 

Next Steps


Now is when we review the entire website and make the proposed changes you require. Let's say there is some content that you would like changed, such as pictures, text and pages, then we will gather all the points you want changed and update your new site so it is exactly as you want it.

Website Launch

Now that your new site is perfected then we make the necessary DNS changes at your registrar to point your domain to the new website's IP address. We can either do this for you or walk you through the process. It's simple and should only take a few minutes.


Now your new website is LIVE and ready for action. At this point, we will setup the SEO keywords, titles and descriptions to then submit your website to Google to be indexed. Now we can schedule the first training session in order to show you how to manage your new site.

Your Business Website


Our Work


French Furniture Manufacturer
Science & Health Services
Oil Rig Machinery Service & Support
Pinnacle Petroleum Fuel Distributor
Rehabilitation Clinic
Luxury Product Distribution



Client Testimonials

  • “ Hello The Quick Social TEAM! Thank you for the amazing and fast communication work you have brought up for our IMPORLUX Website. From the middle of the PACIFIC OCEAN, in Tahiti, we have found a great and professional team to work and collaborate with, even within the time differences, it was an easy on going communication service. Also thank you very much for the help and support! Warmest regards. ”

    MOENA LEHARTELimporlux.pf
  • “ The staff at Quick Social was informative and trustworthy. They made sure we were comfortable with the changes and suggested new options for our website. We are most thankful for their great training on editing the site. That will help us greatly over time when requesting on the fly updates and changes. ”

    CHANDRA CRAIGGeraturksandcaicos.com
  • “ Quick Social has proven to be an excellent resource for our company. They are fast and professional. Alex is very thorough and his main goal is to keep his clients happy with their final product. I recommend their product and services highly! ”

    JULIANA SOMMERprioritygraphics.com
  • “ We were fortunate to work with some of the talented members of the QuickSocial team, including Alex, who’s knowledge and expertise in HTML, CSS, and the DNN CMS consistently impressed us. Alex carefully considered and thoroughly addressed our requests, working diligently to ensure that the final product met our specifications, and we are very grateful to him and all of the members of the Quick Social team for their time and expertise. The QuickSocial team always answers the phone when we call with a question, and we receive prompt responses to any questions submitted by email We are very pleased with the final product, as well as the training, hosting services and technical support that were part of the package that we selected and we recommend QuickSocial’s services. ”

  • “ Hi Alex. I wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing work you and your team carried out on my new company website. Your staff kept to the two day agreement and I found them extremely knowledgeable of the work they were carrying out on the site and more importantly, creative. They had no problem explaining and answer all of my questions, stopping to make changes to the site until they worked out a work of art. The training after the site was brought up was easy to follow and understand and the tool is very easy to use. I would recommend QuickSocial to anyone looking for a professional website. Best of all, the site comes loaded with helpful features and functionality for a cant-be-beat price and value. My compliments to you and your team. ”

    JEFF PE√ĎAsyndacore.com
  • “ Imagine creating a website that can be built by professionals, provides state of the art graphics, highly functionable, has social media components, can easily be managed by yourself (if desired), provides training, has professionals to assist when needed, and is economical…. Please meet Quick Social and you will not be disappointed. It’s an impressive experience that I wish we had found years ago. ”

    TERI SAVAGEbobscraneservice.com
  • “ I received an unsolicited email from QuickSocial requesting Alpha Maxx to allow them to redesign our website and compare it to my current one for free. Because the request was to minority/women owned and small businesses, I assumed that the price would not be too expensive so why not give them a chance. I spoke to Alex and agreed to a three day turn-a-round from start to finish. To my surprise, in two days, they called me to review their rendition of my old site. It was just stunting and brought from the stone-ages of 2007 to a dazzling interactive state-of-the art update. Once seen, I could not say no to their offer. Not only was the design updated but they understood my subject and increased the compelling reason for others to explore my site. They are extremely easy to work with and I envision a long relationship. ”

    CHUCK GREENamaxx.us
  • “ I have enjoyed working with the Quick Social team. They care about your business site as if it were their own! ”

    VICTORIA CHAMBERSfrenchheritage.com
  • “ I had the pleasure to work with Quick Social and their exceptional team. They are very innovative, strong multi-faceted skill-set and knowledgeable of their services. QS are very creative and professional in the technical arena. QS are true professionals with an exceptional understanding of their clients’ needs and success. ”

    MANNY GONZALEZmallymall.com
  • “ Working with Quick Social has been an amazing experience. They have effectively, efficiently and creatively brought my website ideas to life! I am forever grateful for their expertise. ”

    SYDNEY CARRICOloveandloss.dating

Packages & Pricing


$1950/ Flat Fee
  • .NET | SQL DB Driven
  • Responsive Custom Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Contact Form & GoogleMap
  • Google Analytics
  • Rich HTML Editor
  • HomePage Banner Slider
  • Training | 1 hour
  • SEO Package | Teir 1
  • Hosting | 6 months
  • Disk Space | 25GB
  • Content Transfer | 15 Pages
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Business Plus

$2950/ Flat Fee
  • .NET | SQL DB Driven
  • Responsive Custom Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Contact Form & GoogleMap
  • Google Analytics & WM Tools
  • Rich HTML Editor
  • Multi-Layer 3D Banner Slider
  • Training | 2 hours
  • SEO Package | Teir 2
  • Hosting | 8 months
  • Disk Space | 30GB
  • Content Transfer | 25 Pages
  • Business Plus Modules
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E Commerce

$4500/ Flat Fee
  • .NET | SQL DB Driven
  • Responsive Custom Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Contact Form & GoogleMap
  • Google Analytics & WM Tools
  • Rich HTML Editor
  • Multi-Layer 3D Banner Slider
  • Training | 3 hours
  • SEO Package | Teir 3
  • Hosting | 1 year
  • Disk Space | 35GB
  • Content Transfer | 35 Pages
  • E Commerce Modules
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$7140/ Flat Fee
  • .NET | SQL DB Driven
  • Responsive Custom Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Contact Form & GoogleMap
  • Google Analytics & WM Tools
  • Rich HTML Editor
  • Multi-Layer 3D Banner Slider
  • Training | 4 hours
  • SEO Package | Teir 4
  • Hosting | 1 year
  • Disk Space | 50GB
  • Content Transfer | 50 Pages
  • Corporate Modules
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